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Well Baby Visit: 2 Months

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At 2 months, you baby still keeps you guessing. But her sleeping and eating habits are starting to become more predictable. You should be enjoying her more all the time. At this point, her natural eye color will start to emerge, and her face will start looking thinner and her body chubbier than even a week ago. Her size and weight will be the focus of this well-baby visit, along with feeding and the build-up in crying that's expected at this age. Also, it's time for the first set of immunizations.


At this visit, your provider will probably:

  • Check your baby's weight, to make sure she's growing at a healthy, steady rate Click here to view our growth chart.
  • Ask you about your baby's hearing, eyesight, and other new skill developments
  • Give you some insight into your baby's development and behavior at this age.
  • Give your baby her first big round of immunizations.
  • Address any minor health concerns, such as how to alleviate cradle cap or diaper rash, for example.
  • Answer any breastfeeding questions you may have.
  • Talk about how to handle minor illnesses at home.


Your provider will want to know:

  • Has your baby seen another health care provider since the last visit? If so, why? What was the outcome of that visit, and were any medications or treatments prescribed?
  • Does your baby hold her head up when you put her on her tummy?
  • Use her forearms to elevate her upper chest when put down?
  • Smile on her own?
  • Make cooing sounds when you talk to her?
  • Bring her legs up when she's on her back?
  • Hold her head more steadily when you hold her up to your shoulder or pick her up?
  • Sleep longer at night and less during the day?
  • Have a crying spell at the end of the day? All of these behaviors are expected at this time.




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