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5 Ways to Help Your Child Try Different Foods

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Is a shaking head or a wail the typical response when you offer up something new at dinnertime? It’s not your fault. Many children are picky eaters at some point in their lives.

But that doesn’t mean you should give up on broadening their culinary horizons or introducing healthy fare at mealtimes. As your little one starts to explore new foods, you can cultivate a willingness to try new things — especially nutritious things. Here are some parent-tested strategies for getting your little one to try (and maybe even like) different types of foods. You never know — you just might end up with a foodie on your hands!

If you have any questions about your child's diet or general health, be sure to ask your pediatrician. 

Step 1: Explore the Senses

Here’s a great game budding gourmets will love: Cover your child's eyes with your hands or a blindfold. Have her touch a whole apple and a tomato to see if she can guess which is which. Next, cut a small piece of the apple and the tomato, let her sniff each one, and ask her to guess again. Finally, have her pinch her nose shut and take a tiny bite of each food. Then reveal what she just tried. She may be surprised to realize how smells affects taste.

Now, with your child's eyes uncovered, break a carrot and ask your child to describe the sound this makes. Do the same with a pickle and a hot dog and compare. Which one snaps? Which one pops? The end of this experiment? Lunch!

Step 2: Do Some Menu Makeovers

If your child won't venture far from familiar foods, you can make some small changes that will be delicious as well as healthful. Does your little one love pasta? Try serving it with a sauce made of fresh grated veggies instead of a creamy cheese or meat sauce. The ever-popular pizza can get a nutritional boost by topping it with chopped up broccoli, sweet peppers, pineapple — the more color and crunch, the better.



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