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9-Month Checkup

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Your 9-month-old is a child on the move exploring, investigating, and experimenting. Hiding things and peek-a-boo games are endlessly interesting to him because he can now picture things that aren't in front of him. As you might imagine, this curiosity and thinking ability makes him more fun to play with; and more challenging as well. This visit will be livelier than the past ones.

  • At the 9-month visit, your provider will focus on your child's nutrition, sleep, and development. It's also catch-up time for any vaccinations you might have missed.
  • A 9-month-old may take one look at his health care provider and scream. Don't be embarrassed—it's what we expect him to do. The more time you allow him to check things out from the safety of your lap, the less upset he's likely to get. However, your baby's personality will come out in how he responds to this visit. Some can be coaxed into a smile and play; others will cling to mom or dad the whole time.


At this visit, your provider will probably:

  • Weigh and measure your baby. Click here to see our growth chart.
  • Provide insight into your baby's development, temperament, and behavior.
  • Help you develop a plan to teach your baby to sleep soundly at night, if he's not already doing so. This is the age he's likely to start awakening again.


Your provider will want to know:

  • Has your baby seen another health care provider since the last visit? If so, why? What was the outcome of that visit, and were any medications or treatments prescribed?
  • Can your baby sit pretty well without support? Can he twist and turn from a stable sitting position? Can he get into a sitting position easily?
  • Is he crawling, or starting to crawl? Creeping, scooting, and hitching are all legitimate forms of movement.
  • Can he pull himself up to standing?
  • Can he use the pincer grasp to pick up small objects?
  • Can he feed himself with his fingers?
  • Does he poke at things with his index finger?
  • Is he anxious around strangers?
  • Does he say "Mama" or "Dada" yet?
  • What games does he know (peekaboo, pat-a-cake, wave bye-bye, etc.)? What are his favorite toys, and how does he play with them? Does he shake them, bang them, drop them, or throw them?
  • Does he have his first teeth? Babies this age may have their top and bottom incisors.
  • Does he respond to his own name?
  • Does he recognize a few words?




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