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Activities for Your 3-Month-Old

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You’re greeted with a happy infant when your 3-month-old wakes in the morning, and you find that your baby is playing more than ever. She is interacting with you all the time, cooing, gurgling, and smiling when she sees your face and hears your voice. Here are some ways to make playtime together even more fun.

Floor time

Tummy time is important at this stage, so make sure she gets time on the floor every day, with you close at hand, working her muscles. To make this activity more interesting, place a colorful toy in front of her — while she can’t grab for it yet, she enjoys looking at the bold, bright colors. Toys with music and lights are entertaining, too, but be careful not to overstimulate your baby. She’s still very young, so introduce things slowly to her and watch for her reaction.

Check her out

Your baby loves to look at faces, and she may start to be intrigued by mirrors. Attach an unbreakable mirror to your baby’s crib so she can look at her own face. As the two of you are looking into the mirror, talk to her about her eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, and point to them, too.

Sing and move

Gently clap his hands together and recite nursery rhymes or sing. Your voice is the most important sound to your baby, and whatever you sing is music to his ears.

Reading rules

If you haven’t started reading to your baby, now’s the time to begin. He may prefer books with high contrast patterns, as those are easier for him to see.

Track the toy

A great activity to help your baby focus his eyes is to lay him on the floor and hold a toy about 10 inches above his head. Move it slowly from side to side and let him follow it with his eyes.

As you and your baby are enjoying the fun and games, he is reaching milestones and accomplishing so much already. Go, baby, go!


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As first time parents, it is good to know all this information.

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