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Are child harness devices a good safety idea?

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What is your opinion of child harness devices? I get so many ugly looks from people when my 19-month-old wears one, but I think they are a good safety idea.


Keeping your child safe is your most important job as a parent. It is one of the many ways you're telling him you love him. Many people dislike the harnesses or similar devices as they seem too restraining. And it is true that toddlers love to explore and are very curious. This should be encouraged, as it is one way they learn. However, if you are alone with your toddler in a crowded parking lot or busy shopping mall, the harness may be the best way to keep him safe. Many parents continue to use the stroller, and then let the child out to run and explore for brief periods in a small area where he can't run away. You don't want to restrain a toddler for very long as he will get frustrated quickly, and it is unrealistic to expect him not to want to run and touch things. Again, it is most important to keep him safe.  

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Despite dirty looks and comments about my child being on a leach like dog, they work well from keepi..

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