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Are Crib Bumpers Safe?

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My mother thinks I should put crib bumpers in my baby’s crib so he doesn’t hit his head on the wooden slats and hurt himself. Is she right?

While using crib bumpers was once the prevailing wisdom, that’s no longer the case. It turns out that safety guidelines for snoozing infants have changed a lot over the years. For example, we now know that rather than protecting children, crib bumpers actually put them at risk.

To keep your sleeping baby safe from suffocation, strangulation, and entrapment, remember the following:

  • Always put your baby to sleep on his back.
  • Choose a firm, tight-fitting mattress. There should be no gaps between the mattress and the sides of the crib.
  • Keep your baby’s crib free of clutter. That means no pillows, stuffed toys, positioning devices, quilts, or comforters — and no crib bumpers. Consider dressing your little one in a sleeper and skipping the blanket.


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What about the child putting there arms and legs through the bars will they get stuck and hurt them ..

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