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Are electric blankets safe for my 1-month-old?

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Are electric blankets safe for my 1-month-old?


I would not use an electric blanket for an infant. There is no risk of radiation, but rather a potential for overheating. The temperature-regulating system of a very young infant is not as efficient as it will be in a few months, so it's best to avoid extremes in temperature changes. I suggest using layers of lightweight blankets (as many as needed) when it's cold and then removing a layer as the baby gets warmer. The same concern exists for use of an electric blanket during pregnancy. The baby may become overheated in the womb. What some women do during cold winter nights is turn on the electric blanket 30 minutes or so before going to bed to warm up the sheets, and then turn it off just before getting into bed. I hope this helps.  

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