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Are glass bottles unsafe for breast milk?

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I'm due in a few months, and I have read that some plastic bottles can allow estrogen-like compounds to leach into the milk. I am interested in using glass bottles and will be breastfeeding but have read that glass bottles are not recommended for breast milk. Why would this be?


You were given some incorrect information about glass bottles. There is no problem using glass bottles with breast milk or formula; in fact, the National Breast Milk Bank uses glass bottles. The only disadvantage is the possibility of glass breaking. Brown glass is reportedly the best to use as light does not pass through as readily and cause any breakdown of milk, but clear glass is fine to use as well. You've made a great choice to breastfeed. Good luck!


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glass bottles and daycare
The only place you will run into an issue with glass bottles is at a daycare. Most (if not all) day..

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