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Are my 2-month-old's blue bruises Mongolian spots?

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Are my 2-month-old's blue bruises Mongolian spots?


Obviously I cannot confirm the nature of these spots without examining your daughter. However, if your pediatrician diagnosed them as Mongolian spots, there is no need for alarm. Mongolian spots are very common in newborns and infants, especially those with a darker skin complexion. They appear as blue to gray patches, most often on the lower back and buttocks. They can also appear on the arms, legs, trunk, and, occasionally, the face. These harmless spots are caused by pigment cells ("melanocytes") that did not find their way completely to the outer skin layer during development. Because these cells are "stuck" in the deeper skin layers, they give off this bluish color when light reflects off the skin. Mongolian spots are not related to trauma, so holding onto your daughter's ankles during diaper changes does not cause them.

Mongolian spots are harmless and tend to fade over months to years. No treatment is necessary. If you still have concerns, discuss your daughter again with your pediatrician or a dermatologist. Enjoy your new bundle of joy!  

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