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Are silicone nipples better than latex ones?

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Are silicone nipples and soothers better than latex? I am apprehensive about silicone and wonder if there are any potential health problems that can arise with using the silicone instead of the latex. We currently do not have any children but are in the process of adopting.


There has certainly been a lot of controversy about possible health risks associated with silicone implants (surgical procedures), but there are no known health concerns with the use of silicone nipples. You may have heard of a concern several years ago about the use of a chemical, diisononyl phthalate (DINP), that is used to soften some plastic toys and children's products. At that time, some nipples contained a related phthalate, but those products have since been removed from the market.

On the other hand, latex allergy is increasingly becoming a health problem. However, I have not encountered any allergic reactions to either of these products in infants. I think you can feel comfortable choosing either one. Good luck with your baby!  

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