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Are there any safe, portable heaters for my baby's room?

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Our home is heated via wood stove during the winter, but I do not believe that it will keep my 7-month-old son warm enough. Do you know of any testing that has been done on portable heating systems that would be safe in a child's room?


Safety is the main concern with any type of portable heating system. Your baby is probably already mobile and could touch the heater and get burned. The trick is to place a portable heater in a position where it provides heat but isn't accessible to your baby. Parents often place portable heaters on the floor of their infant's room and then forget to remove it when the baby starts crawling and walking, leading to accidents.To my knowledge, there is no one system that is better than another. As another safety reminder, be sure to install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors if you don't already have them in place.  

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