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Baby Basketball

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Location: Indoor
Promotes: Fun & Games
How to play

How it Plays

Ask your child to sit or stand close to an empty laundry basket. Show him how to toss a ball in, then let him try it on his own. You can help him succeed by holding the basket and moving to catch balls where they fall. Another way to play this game is to put the laundry basket next to the couch and let your baby or toddler drop balls into it. Variation: When you're folding the laundry, roll pairs of socks into balls and let your baby or toddler toss them into your laundry basket. Score!

What You'll Need

  •   Variety of balls in assorted sizes
  •   Plastic or wicker laundry basket
  •   Socks (optional)

  • Learning and Growing

    Baby basketball is a good way to develop your baby's eye-hand coordination, and a way to make cleaning up more fun.

    Learning and Growing
    What you'll need

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