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Baby Food Made Simple

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Interested in making your own baby food? Here's how to get started:
  • Cook fruits and vegetables without salt or sugar additives.
  • Puree the results.
  • Put what you make into ice cube trays or drop spoon-size portions onto a tray. Then freeze.
  • Store individual portions in the freezer in clear bags — use one to four cubes/portions for your baby's meal.
  • When your baby is ready to eat, defrost and warm the food you made.
  • Be sure all utensils are very clean, and that you wash your hands carefully before preparation and serving.

You can also use a food mill to make individual baby servings from what you cook for yourself. Just make sure to set aside your baby's portions before you add any spices, nuts, or other "problem" ingredients.

Learn many more delicious details about preparing homemade baby food.  

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