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Baby Talk

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Location: Indoor
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How to play

How it Plays

Talk to your baby throughout the day. Find any excuse to talk. Describe, explain, and elaborate on what the two of you are doing. Studies have shown that the quality and quantity of your verbal interactions directly contribute to the rate at which your baby learns language.

Explore the rhythms of language. Encourage your baby's awareness of the cadences and rhythmical patterns of language by teaching her finger-play games and action rhymes, by singing songs, and by reading poetry and nursery rhymes.

What You'll Need

Read to your baby. Expose your baby early on to a variety of high-quality books, and establish a ritual and routine for reading aloud to her every day.

Learning and Growing

From birth, babies love being spoken to, and they like it even more if you look directly at them while you talk. Studies show a strong connection between the number of "conversations" a baby has with a parent or caregiver and intellectual development.

Learning and Growing
What you'll need

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