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Becoming Fit for Motherhood

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As a mother and a fitness expert, I've always thought it unfair that a woman takes on one of her biggest physical challenges—motherhood—when she is at the weakest point of her life. In pregnancy, our bodies go through tremendous hormonal, anatomical, and metabolic changes. These changes may cause us to lose strength and cause new postural problems. Then, all of a sudden, we have this new bundle of joy to carry around at all times while we're sleep-deprived and still recuperating from childbirth.

In fact, many aspects of motherhood are hard on the body. The daily activities involved in caring for children, which are repeated from morning until night, are physically stressful. I know many women who experience more aches and pains post-birth than they did during pregnancy. That's why it's important for all mothers, and especially new moms, to work on functional fitness—in other words, to move properly and use the correct muscles in everyday activities. When we don't use functional fitness, we can't become stronger and we risk having pain and becoming injured.

Start your fitness program by teaching yourself how to do three common tasks—nursing, carrying your baby, and pushing a stroller—safely and effectively, using the tips below.




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a general amount of decent information but would like more details on improving fitness.

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