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Birthmark Basics

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By now you've memorized every inch of your child's adorable skin, birthmarks and all. Many birthmarks will have faded already, but new ones could start to show up, too. Here's a quick list of the most common types:

  • Salmon patches, angel kisses, and stork bites — all are names for newborn marks that start out red but then fade
  • Hemangiomas or strawberry marks — flat, red patches or elevated bumps or growths
  • Port wine stains — flat ruby red areas
  • Moles or "nevi" — brown or black marks or bumps
  • Cafe au lait spots — light brown patches
  • Mongolian spots — blueish-black patches that usually appear on the lower back and buttocks area, often seen in dark-skinned children

Talk to your child's primary health care provider or a pediatric dermatologist to find out which of these will go away on their own, and which may be treated.  

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