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Blowing Bubbles

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Location: Indoor
Promotes: Fun & Games
How to play

How it Plays

Newborns and babies: Blow bubbles for your baby while he is sitting in front of you in an infant seat or snuggled in your lap, facing out. (Make sure you aim away from your child's face.) You might want to put on some music to set the mood. Put a bubble jar in a diaper bag for ready entertainment during long waits or car trips. Toddlers and preschoolers: Show your child how to pop bubbles with his hands and stomp them with his feet. Blow bubbles for your child indoors (try doing it just before washing the kitchen floor!), at bath time, or outdoors (breezy days are best). Let your child blow his own bubbles and see how far they travel. On cold days, see if you can blow frozen bubbles!

What You'll Need

  •   1/8 cup liquid dishwashing soap
  •   1 gallons water
  •   1/2 tablespoon glycerin, available at any drugstore (optional)

  • Mix together gently and you have what it takes to make bubbles. You can make a bubble wand from a pipe cleaner that has been wrapped around a pencil or a stick.

    Learning and Growing

    This activity is versatile enough to appeal to all ages. Babies can track the bubbles with their eyes and try to touch them with their hands. Toddlers and young children can catch them with their hands, pop them with their feet, and blow bubbles on their own.

    Learning and Growing
    What you'll need

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