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Breastfeeding Basics

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Breastfeeding is the healthiest, most natural way to feed your baby. Each mother's breast milk is uniquely formulated for her own baby and is full of infection-fighting cells and protein that will help keep a baby both happy and healthy. Breastfeeding can be enjoyable for both of you. It can take some practice at first, but there are many, many reasons to give breastfeeding your best effort.

 Why Breast Is Best: The Benefits for Baby

 The Benefits for Mom

 What to Expect at First

 Establishing a Good Milk Supply

 Bottle Strategies

  When to Feed Your Baby

  How Much Is Enough?

 How Much Is Not Enough?

 Milk on the Go

Why Breast Is Best: The Benefits for Baby

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that mothers breastfeed their babies for at least the first year of life, and exclusively for the first six months. There are good reasons for such a strong policy statement. Breastfed children are less likely to have ear infections, allergies, vomiting, diarrhea, pneumonia, juvenile diabetes, and meningitis. New data also suggest that breast milk enhances your baby's brain growth. Breast milk is easier for babies to digest than formula, cow's milk, or goat's milk. It contains all the right minerals and the right balance of nutrients. And breast milk is convenient: It's free, and it's always ready when your baby is hungry, with no preparation involved. The health benefits continue for as long as a mother and her baby want to keep breastfeeding.



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Good read
Very good read even for second time mom's that have had several years between children.

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