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Bubble Bath Peek-a-boo

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Location: Indoor
Promotes: Fun & Games
How to play

How it Plays

With your child securely seated in the tub (in a bath seat if she's younger than 18 months), close the sliding door or shower curtain that surrounds the bathtub so your child can't see you but you can still see her. Stand next to the tub and begin blowing bubbles, directing them so they go over the top of the door or curtain or around the sides. Your child will have fun trying to catch the bubbles and will be thrilled when they stick to her wet arms and tummy without popping.

Blow the bubbles in bursts so that one minute your child is surrounded by bubbles, the next minute they've stopped. She'll love the anticipation of waiting for the latest batch; if she's talking, have her guess how many seconds will pass until the next cascade of bubbles. (She can count out loud in between bursts of bubbles, then clap her hands when she thinks the bubbles will come.)

To make the game more exciting, change your position. For example, if you were at one end of the tub, move to the other. Have your child guess which direction the bubbles will come from next. If she's right, she gets to take charge of the bubbles and blow them for you. Who knows, she may even want to reverse the game and make you take a bath!

What You'll Need

  •   Soap bubbles
  •   Plastic bubble pipe or wand

  • Learning and Growing

    Trying to catch bubbles not only develops hand-eye coordination but also teaches the more subtle concept of cause and effect. When your child claps her hands over a bubble, it pops!

    Learning and Growing
    What you'll need

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