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Can a 4-month-old baby get hemorrhoids?

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Can a 4-month-old baby get hemorrhoids by pushing too hard for bowel movements?


True hemorrhoids in young infants are very rare. Hemorrhoids occur when the blood vessels around the anus become engorged from poor circulation and bulge under the strain of passing a bowel movement. Hemorrhoids start appearing in obese teens and are common in older, heavy adults and pregnant women. What is common in infants is some bluish coloration about the anus when passing a large bowel movement. This coloring may be exaggerated with excessive straining and constipation. Straining with bowel movements can also cause occasional tiny tears about the anus called fissures. The fissures may bleed slightly when passing a large bowel movement. If your baby's symptoms seem more severe, you should check with your baby's doctor. Otherwise mention it at the next well baby checkup.


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