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Can a baby get a yeast infection on her neck?

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Have you ever heard of a yeast infection in the crease of a baby's neck? The doctor said my 5-month-old niece has one, and she told my sister to get something for athlete's foot, that this should cure it. But it's not working, and if anything it made it worse. Her neck has become very irritated and has begun to bleed. What can be done?


There is a very common disorder in babies called intertrigo. It causes redness and sometimes maceration (moisture and skin breakdown) in the skin folds, including the creases of the neck, the armpits, and the groin. The condition begins with inflammation related to warmth in these areas, and often becomes secondarily infected with a yeast called Candida.

Treatment consists of wet compresses (to gently clean the areas) and the application of both a low-strength anti-inflammatory (steroid) cream and an antifungal cream. At times, however, these areas can become secondarily infected with bacteria, causing oozing, discharge, and often a bad odor. In this case, an antibiotic is usually necessary as well. You will need to see your health care provider at this point.  

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