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Childproofing Basics

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Your baby is about to get a lot more mobile — rolling, scooting, crawling, or even pulling to a stand. And she's also going to get much better at grabbing, holding, and moving things around. That means it's time to do some childproofing.

Here are a few tips to help you get a jump on battening down the hatches:
  • Move appliances, breakables, and cords away from bathing and diaper changing areas and the crib.
  • Start changing your baby's diaper on a lower surface — even the floor — where she can't roll off. If you continue using a changing table, have a hand on her the whole time you're changing her.
  • Keep large stuffed animals, bumpers, and pillows out of your baby's bed so she can't boost herself out.
  • Move the crib base/mattress support down so she can't fall over the top rail.

Get more advice on making your home safe for your baby.  

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child proof
I child prooeverything and he still had to have stiches

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