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Choosing a Pediatrician

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The advice of other parents. The atmosphere of the doctor's office. Office hours convenient to your work schedule. Gut instinct. All are important things to take into account when you choose a pediatrician.

Your child's pediatrician is your partner in promoting your child's health and development. That means you should feel comfortable with your choice. Interviewing several pediatricians at their offices is the best way to pick your partner.

When to start? When you're still pregnant. With all of the excitement and physical changes during pregnancy, it's easy to overlook the fact that you're about to become a parent! In the last trimester of your pregnancy, your baby is growing rapidly and you have lots to think about. But feeling comfortable with the person you choose to be your baby's doctor is as important as finding a safe crib.

Beginning Your Search

Sometime after the 30th week of pregnancy, make an appointment for you and your partner to meet with a pediatrician or a few pediatricians in their offices.

Be sure that the individual is board-certified in pediatrics or family medicine and has had at least three years of training in pediatrics or family medicine. The state medical society or the staff at the physician's office could give you this basic information.

To get a list of prospects, ask your own health care provider, your parents, or friends you respect. Ask them why they like or dislike a certain doctor — their reasons may not be the same as yours. You could also call your local medical society, board of health, or hospital for some references.


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