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Could the behavior swings of my 2-year-old be due to schizophrenia?

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Could the behavior swings of my 2-year-old be due to schizophrenia?


Big swings in behavior are pretty typical for normal 2-year-olds and they almost always push parents very hard. Food binges, temper tantrums, and fearful periods are all part of being 2. It sounds as if you need some support, as most parents do at this age. Look for support groups, parenting classes, and mom's groups in your community. This site has more information for these challenging years, so surf for more information on specific issues to help you understand your child.

The neurobehavioral disorder we call schizophrenia usually doesn't show up until adolescence or later. It occurs in 1 in 100 people but in about 3 percent of close relatives, siblings, and children. So although there is some added genetic risk, it's very small. That means that your child is more likely to be unaffected even if he has close relatives with this disorder. If you or your spouse has this neurological condition, you deserve some special help in parenting. Your mental health care provider or your community mental health center will have resources to help out. Contact NAMI, the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill ( for information or resources on this disorder.


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