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How Can I Soothe My Crying Baby?

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My 3-week-old baby bursts out crying for no apparent reason. How can I soothe him?

One of the toughest sounds to hear as a new mom is your baby crying. But consider this: Crying is the only way your baby can communicate at this stage. After all, he can’t yell out, “Mom, my diaper’s dirty!” or “I need a nap!”

To soothe your crying baby, first look to see if there’s a problem: Is he hungry? Tired? Does he need his diaper changed? Does he seem too hot or cold? Over time, you’ll start to hear differences in his cries for help, and these will quickly clue you in to his needs. In the meantime, go down the checklist — if you hit on the right issue, the crying will likely subside.

If your baby has no pressing needs, he may be crying just to let off steam. Play around with the expert soothing techniques below and find the one that works best for your baby. Mommy to the rescue!

1. Encourage sucking. If your newborn can find his hands, he probably can’t get enough of sucking on his fingers — or yours! Sucking is a natural reflex that a 3-week-old baby is likely to use when he’s upset or needs to settle down. Once breastfeeding is established, many moms find that pacifiers are the key to contentment, soothing and distracting a fussy baby almost instantly.



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