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Changing Diapers Like a Pro!

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Few things are less fun — from a baby’s perspective — than a wet or dirty diaper. Fortunately, it’s easy to keep your little one happy, healthy, clean, and dry. As you go to change your baby’s diaper, remember these important dos and don’ts:

DO change your baby’s diaper frequently. For a newborn, this may be as often as 10 times a day. Don’t depend on your sense of smell alone to determine when it’s time. Lightly pat the diaper to gauge whether it’s heavy or full, or gently pull at the waistband and take a peek inside to ensure that your baby is clean and dry.

DO select a safe spot for changing. This can be a changing table or a changing pad placed on the floor, bed, or sofa. Wherever you choose to change your baby, it helps to keep supplies (clean diapers, baby wipes, washcloths, and diaper ointment or petroleum jelly) within arm’s reach.

DON’T ever leave your baby unattended on a changing table or any other changing surface that’s not the floor. You never know when your newborn will roll for the first time.

DO always wipe from front to back, especially when changing a baby girl. This will help prevent infections in the urinary tract.



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Member comments

GREAT advice! Sometimes changing diapers can be a challenge.

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