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Doll Bath

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Location: Indoor
Promotes: Imagination
How to play

How it Plays
Fill a baby bathtub (perhaps the one your child has outgrown) or a dishpan with about 3 inches of warm water. Place the tub on a low, sturdy table or on the floor. Put a towel underneath the tub to catch spills and a bath mat or newspaper underfoot to avoid slipping. Give your child a small sponge, a small piece of soap, and a travel-size shampoo bottle. Have a dry towel ready for the doll, as well as a change of doll clothes. You might also want a towel for your child. As your child washes her doll, talk to her about what she is doing ("You're bathing your baby so carefully!") and reinforce her loving behavior.

What You'll Need

  •   Rubber or plastic doll
  •   Baby bathtub or dishpan
  •   Towel
  •   Bath mat or newspaper
  •   Small sponge
  •   Small bar of soap
  •   Travel-size shampoo bottle

  • Learning and Growing
    This emotionally supportive activity helps your child understand her capacity for nurturing as she gently washes her doll and makes sure she doesn't get any soap in its eyes. This is a wonderful activity for a child who has (or will soon have) a new sibling. It provides her with an opportunity to play out some of the things she is feeling at this important time.

    Learning and Growing
    What you'll need

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