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Are Some Toys Better for Early Child Development?

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I know that reading to my 11-month-old baby is important for her development, but what other baby toys or activities can help foster early child development?

Reading books is a great way to help your baby work on her cognitive skills and set the stage for literacy. You'll find that lots of other baby games and baby activities can help her grow and develop, too. Try these suggestions to focus on different sensory skills and promote safe, active play:
  • Sight: Seek out baby toys that are visually stimulating and appealing to your baby. Try looking for objects with vivid colors and simple designs that are easy to play with. Babies enjoy looking at themselves during this time, so pictures of faces or unbreakable mirrors make great baby toys as well.
  • Hearing: Your baby hears very well, and simple baby toys that make noise may appeal to her. Books with crinkly pages or toys that she can jangle are good choices.
  • Touch: Your baby is exploring the world through touch, so why not introduce her to new and exciting textures? You can find toys, books, and even simple household objects that offer different tactile sensations, from smooth and silky to furry and fuzzy.

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