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Empty Calories

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Watching television during mealtimes is strongly related to obesity in both children and adults. So turn off the TV while you eat, and nip a potential bad habit in the bud. Meals are times for chatter, messy eating, and being part of a family.

Need help trimming other TV time from your daily diet, too? Here are a few guidelines:
  • Play music or listen to the news on the radio when you want something on in the background.
  • If you need a baby-sitter, don't use the TV — call a real sitter or a friend to watch (and interact with!) your child.
  • Remember that your child understands a lot more than you think. If you don't feel comfortable about the content of shows for children, don't let your toddler watch them.

FYI: Not only do children who watch a lot of TV have a higher rate of obesity but they're also at risk for being in poor physical condition and having fewer friends. Now's the time to set things on a different path — no baby couch potatoes!

Learn more about limiting your child's TV time.  

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