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Exercise With Your Baby

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You love everything about being a new mom — well, with the exception of the post-pregnancy baby weight. If you’re like many moms, you’re probably wondering how you'll find time for fitness after having a baby.

Fortunately, losing baby weight doesn’t have to be time-consuming and you don’t need to miss precious moments with your baby in order to shape up. The key is to bring your new baby with you to your sweat sessions. Slimming down can actually be fun when you work out with your little one — and it’ll bring you two closer! Use these tips to get started.

Hit the pavement
Whether you’re a walker or a runner, taking your baby with you while you log miles is a great way to lose baby weight. Just wait until your baby is at least 6 months old before using a jogging stroller, since the upright position isn’t safe for a baby who lacks head support. While you’re walking or jogging, keep your baby engaged by talking to her, such as pointing out the scenery as you pass (“Did you see that dog?”). Walking or running together can be a fun and stimulating way for a mother to bond with her young baby — it’ll be a new environment and activity for your baby and it’ll be nice for you to have a little workout partner.

Take a class
From yoga to cardio, many gyms offer mommy-and-me classes. You get the benefit of having an instructor guide you through the best post-pregnancy workouts for losing baby weight, and your baby gets to watch the other moms and babies move about the room.



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