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Four Favorite Count-With-Baby Rhymes

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Ready for some one-on-one fun with your little one? Chanting or singing counting rhymes not only entertains and engages your baby but also helps familiarize your baby with numbers. While actual counting is a developmental milestone that’s still a few years away, you can start laying the groundwork during your baby’s infancy. 

Try these four favorite counting songs

Dive into one of these ditties at any point — from high-chair time to bath time, diaper time, and stroller time — and slip some counting into your baby's daily routine. Have fun and be silly, trying on curious voices and tempos. Don’t forget to build a little joint applause into the end of each rendition. The two of you are learning to count together!

“One Potato, Two Potatoes”

One potato, two potatoes Three potatoes, four! Five potatoes, six potatoes Seven potatoes, more!

You could recite this nursery rhyme while preparing a meal for your baby. If you like, demonstrate with actual potatoes, or replace the word “potatoes” with another fruit or veggie from your kitchen. Feeling lively? Toss in a little juggling action to entertain your baby.

“One, Two, Buckle My Shoe”

One, two, buckle my shoe

Three, four, shut the door

Five, six, pick up sticks

Seven, eight, lay them straight

Nine, ten, do it again!

Your baby might enjoy this playful rhyme while you’re changing her diaper, especially when she’s just woken up.



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