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Five Senses Sensational Bag

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Location: On the Go
Promotes: Fun & Games
How to play

Gather some or all of the playthings in each category:

Sight: An unbreakable plastic mirror (see Look at Me, a small prism or CD for making rainbows, a tiny flashlight your child can track with her eyes, a family photo in a plastic pocket (see Family Photo Fun, a finger puppet (see Finger Puppets, and a sock for hiding things or for making an instant sock puppet.

Hearing: Several plastic film canisters containing rice, a bell, beans, a coin, and even water (make sure the tops are tightly glued shut or securely duct-taped); a set of blank keys on a key ring from the hardware store; a small windup music box or musical toy, and a tape of you singing your child's favorite songs.

Touch: A variety of 6-inch fabric squares of different textures; a handheld paper fan to make a gentle indoor breeze; natural baby oil for a soothing massage; a roll of tape; several securely knotted baby socks, each holding something to touch and clutch-a cellophane wrapper, piece of waxed paper, uncooked rice, buttons, and Styrofoam.

Smell: Individual sachet squares filled with dried herbs or flowers like mint, lavender, and rose petals, sewn securely shut. Also bring a fresh flower or two.

Learning and Growing

Babies are sensory learners. Their awareness and understanding of the world develop through stimulation of all their senses.

What you'll need


  •   A cloth bag
  •   Sensory treasures (see above)

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