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Fun Craft Activities for Toddlers

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Stuck inside on a rainy day? Or are you just looking for some toddler play ideas that will keep your child entertained for ages? These toddler crafts are ideal — they aren’t complicated and don’t require you to drop a bundle of cash. All you need are a few basic supplies.

Sensory activity

Let your toddler engage in experiencing different textures and colors. Cook up some spaghetti and place a handful into four or five bowls. Drip a few drops of food coloring to change the pasta’s color. Then let her dig her hands in and have at it! She will love the uniqueness of the colored pasta, the slipperiness of the noodles, and the squishy sound they make when squeezed.

Motor skills activity

Encourage fine motor development with this easy and fun toddler activity. Set out a muffin tin and some different colored pom-poms — most craft stores carry these inexpensive colored puffs. Let your child sort her poms into the individual muffin holes. She’ll have fun grabbing at the soft balls, and eventually the game can help her learn colors.




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