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Halloween Safety Tips

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More and more families with young children are celebrating Halloween in some way. Whether you're venturing out into the neighborhood with a small trick-or-treater, staying home to answer the door, or just putting together a costume for your little one, you'll want to know how to make this a holiday that's safe as well as spooky.

Check out the advice offered by parents and safety experts at the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

Trick-or-Treating Tips

-- Young children may do better with daytime trick-or-treating. Going out at night may be too frightening.

-- No matter what time of day you choose, always make sure that you or another responsible adult accompanies a young child on the trick-or-treating route.

-- Stay on sidewalks and well-lit streets, and cross streets only on crosswalks. 

Costume Caveats

-- Your little witch or ghost, pumpkin or superhero will look just as cute without a mask, which can block eyesight and be unsafe. Instead, try nontoxic makeup or a hat.

-- Add reflective tape to costumes and treat bags, and give everyone a flashlight with fresh batteries.

Candy Cautions

-- Provide a good meal before the party or the trick-or-treating, to help prevent  over-indulging on sweet things.

-- Once you get home, sort through your child's the treat bag, getting rid of anything that's unwrapped or spoiled, or that doesn't look good.


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