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Helping Little Sluggers

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Has your otherwise friendly toddler suddenly started hitting people? Many children this age start communicating their feelings physically, partly as a way to get your attention and partly because their language skills are still limited.

Here's how to help curb the behavior:

  • Make a show of noticing when your child communicates without hitting. Positive rewards for acceptable behavior teach better than negative consequences for bad behavior.
  • Don't put your child into social situations when you know she's ready for a nap or too hungry to be calm.
  • Try to spend some time alone with your child each day so you can give him your full attention when you play together.
  • Hang in there! Soon your child will develop language skills that will help her communicate much more effectively.

Read more about positive rewards for your child.


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Frustration to the max!!
My son is in the stage, he used to be so nice and would listen to me, even family member would be su..

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