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How can I get my 10-month-old twin boys from biting each other as they play?

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I have 10-month-old twin boys. How can I keep them from biting each other while playing together?


It's normal for some children this age and even a year or so older to bite when they get excited. Biting is simply a sign that they're emotionally overwhelmed. Since they can't express their intense feelings with words yet, they show them physically. Right now there isn't much you can do. (Luckily at this age it's more "gumming" than "biting.") As your boys grow older, you should let them know that biting simply isn't allowed. Say something like, "People are not for biting. Apples and sandwiches are for biting. But people are not for biting." Also, starting when they're toddlers you can show them more acceptable ways of expressing their frustration that don't involve words. For example, they might punch a pillow or stomp their feet. The idea is to let them share their emotions without chomping on someone. Usually biting goes away once children have the verbal skills to express intense feelings.  

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