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How can I get our 15-month-old to sleep in her crib instead of our bed?

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How can I get our 15-month-old to sleep in her crib instead of our bed?


You are not alone. This is one of the most common problems pediatricians help parents cope with. Fundamentally, there is nothing wrong with allowing your child to sleep with you. In fact, there is a school of thought that advocates a "family bed" and considers nighttime parenting as important as daytime parenting. I don't subscribe completely to this point of view, but I don't challenge any parents who choose to do this.

Her presence is interfering with restful sleep, however, so it's time to do something. Since she awakens at the same time every night, you can try a technique called scheduled awakening. Wake her 10 or 15 minutes earlier than her usual time and move the time back by 10 or 15 minutes every night. In a couple of weeks, you can eliminate this habit.

Well-meaning friends may tell you to let her "cry it out," but most pediatricians see that as cruel and the last possible resort after you have tried all other techniques.


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