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How can I give my 16-month-old triplets the language stimulation they need?

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We have 16-month-old triplets and I want to make sure that we do not overlook their language development. We have a 5-year-old who talked very early. It is different with the triplets, as I am not with each one of them as much talking to them. Any tips how to make sure that they get the necessary language stimulation? I have also heard that multiples develop their own language. They do seem to use a kind of sign language and sounds to each other.


You have your hands full keeping up with three toddlers! There is no way that they will have the same life experience as your firstborn, including the kind of language input they get from you. But that doesn't mean it won't be as rich a life experience, just a different one. To some extent, their language reflects birth order: Later-born children do talk a little later than the firstborn. Also, multiples do communicate with each other in special verbal and non-verbal ways. They are learning the fundamentals of communication with each other as well as with their parents and older sibling. This richness balances what they each get from you directly.Be sure you do talk to and ask questions of each of them each day. Respond to each child's attempts at communication whether they're clear or not. Play lots of verbal games and rhymes. And look most closely at their receptive language, what they understand, as that is a better marker than what they say at this age. Adjust your expectations for the amount of their prematurity and check out this site for those milestones. If you have any concerns, bring them to their health care provider.  

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