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How can I help my 1 1/2-year-old daughter be less mean?

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My 1 1/2-year-old daughter seems to have become very mean since my mom moved out of the house. All of the little kids at school treat her like the school bully and are afraid of her, and a lot of parents are starting to talk bad about me. What can I do to change my daughter back to the nice baby she used to be?


It sounds as if your daughter has been acting out -- and that you think it may be due to the absence of your mother. That's a possibility -- especially if your daughter's life has become more unpredictable and stressful. In that case, figuring out ways to lower the stress level at home should help your daughter calm down. But you've raised another issue in your last sentence. Children change dramatically during their first few years. We can expect a 2-year-old to be much more defiant, for example, than a 1-year-old. While your daughter can learn to be nicer, she can't go back to being a baby.  

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