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How do I disinfect my daughter's potty chair bowl?

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How do I disinfect my daughter's potty chair bowl after each use? She likes to add toys to it sometimes between uses and I don't want her to get sick if she finds them before I do and puts them in her mouth, etc.


The best way to clean the potty chair is merely to wash it with an antibacterial cleaner and rinse it well before drying. Although the idea of using a potty chair as a play area is disgusting to us, realize that the danger to her is not really significant. If she is the only one using it (as opposed to a communal potty chair at a day care facility), the only germs inside are her own. Urine is usually sterile unless she has a urinary tract infection. The diseases one can get from contact with stool such as hepatitis or diarrhea are not a danger if she is the only contributor to the contents.

In other words, teach her that this is not a play surface but do not worry if this happens once in a while.  

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