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How do I help my son's impetigo?

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My son has impetigo, I am sure of it. How did he get this? I have taken him to the doctor three times now, and nothing seems to help. The doctor has tried two different creams. Help! It hurts him so much.


Impetigo is a common bacterial infection of the skin. It can cause blisters or, more commonly, pus bumps that rupture and leave honey-colored crusting. Although impetigo can appear anywhere on the body, the face is the most common site. Impetigo spreads easily from child to child and from one part of the body to another via autoinoculation, that is, when a child himself touches an infected spot and then touches other areas of his body. Impetigo is diagnosed with a simple bacterial skin culture, and is usually easily treated. Localized areas can often be treated with an antibiotic cream, but moderate to severe cases generally require oral antibiotics. If your child's "impetigo" is not responding to adequate treatment with creams, the infection may not be impetigo. Other infections (such as the virus that causes cold sores) can mimic impetigo, as can other skin disorders. Ask your doctor to consider this again, perhaps with oral antibiotic treatment. Or have your son evaluated by a pediatric dermatologist, who can diagnose and treat his condition. Best of luck.


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My daughter had this and my doctor gave her an antibacterial cream for her face (I think it was bact..

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