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How do I "unspoil" my 12-month-old after a visit from Grandma?

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What can I do to get my 12-month-old back on track? My mother-in-law spoiled her rotten for a week when visiting and would interrupt my disciplining and say "come to Grandma," take her out of her crib, and let her lay with her for sleeping. Now my daughter won't listen, has tantrums, and cries when she goes in her crib. It is very hard for my daughter to understand, and she is crying due to frustration. Please help! I am trying my best to just go about our regular day and hope she will adjust back to being a happy baby.


You are doing exactly the right things. Be patient and continue to resume the routines and limits you were following before Grandma came. Try putting your daughter in her crib for naps and bedtimes. You may have to stay with her a little longer to reassure her she is just fine in her very own bed. If she doesn't already have a comfort object such as a favorite blanket or stuffed animal, this would be a good time to introduce one. Such objects become very familiar to children and can provide comfort when you're not with them.

Children at your daughter's age often understand more than we often think. Explain what you want in simple terms, be consistent, and give lots of hugs. And next time Grandma plans to visit, maybe you or your husband could talk to her ahead of time about your daughter's usual routines and rules that you prefer everyone to follow. Tell Grandma there are many ways to enjoy time with her such as playing with her, reading her books, and also giving lots of hugs and kisses. It may take a little time. but eventually your daughter will return to being a happy baby!


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