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How do you keep a 22-month-old in his crib?

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How do you keep a 22-month-old in his crib?


There really isn't a full-proof, safe way to keep him in his crib now that I know of. He's telling you he's ready for the next bed. What many parents do when they get the toddler bed is put a gate at the child's bedroom door. This way the limit becomes the room, not necessarily the bed right away. With a gate in place, you don't need to worry that he'll go wandering all over the house at night. He may choose to sleep on the floor, or you might even start out by putting him down to sleep on just his new mattress if you don't have the bed yet. Eventually he'll get the idea that this is his new bed, and it's okay, and he'll stay in it. Good luck!  

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