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How should I treat a white pimple or cyst on my baby's penis?

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I noticed a white cyst or pimple on my son's circumcised penis agaiI noticed a white cyst or pimple on my son's circumcised penis again and am very concerned. He had this once before and it finally came to a head and popped. Is this common? How can I prevent this from happening again?


It's difficult to answer your question without examining your son. Small cysts can occur on the penis, and sometimes these are found in the area of remaining foreskin following circumcision. In the case of a true cyst, which is a cavity lined by skin cells, surgery is usually the definitive treatment. However, there are other skin lesions that can appear on the penis, including a variety of infections, and these would require a different type of therapy. Have your son evaluated by his pediatrician or a dermatologist, who can offer you information regarding prevention and/or treatment once a diagnosis has been made.  

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