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How should I treat my 2 1/2-year-old's warts?

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I have a baby who is 2 1/2 years old. For quite a few months I have noticed what looks like a wart underneath his foot, by his sole. It seems pretty deep. Should I try and use a wart remover? I already tried a corn remover, and it removed some dead skin, but this looks like tiny holes, like a wart. Please advise. Also, does this hurt for him to walk on?


Warts are a very common viral infection in children. They can be passed from person-to-person or, especially in the case of warts on the bottoms of the feet, by contact with infected surfaces such as showers, baths, or pool areas. And to dispel some popular myths: frogs play no role, and warts do not have "roots"! They appear as rough bumps, and often have tiny black dots visible on their surface. In 85 percent of patients, warts resolve on their own, but this may take years. Most treatments for warts are aimed at destruction of the skin cells containing the wart virus, since specific anti-virus medicines are lacking. Start with over-the-counter preparations (liquids or "plasters") containing the ingredient salicylic acid. These are applied at bedtime, and in the case of small warts, may be all that is required. For bigger warts, or those that are spreading or are not responsive to these products, treatments are available in the doctor's office, but many of these treatments (like freezing the warts) are painful and traumatic for young children. If the wart does not appear to bother your son (and most of the time they don't), watching and waiting is a reasonable option given his young age.  

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