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How should my baby be responding to sounds at 3 months?

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How should my baby be responding to sounds at 3 months?


Your 3-month-old should turn to sounds such as your voice or to music. She should look up when you enter a room and call her name or a greeting. Loud sounds may be off-putting to her and she might ignore them but, pleasurable ones should cause her to become alert—to open her eyes, sit up, and show some change in behavior.

If you have ANY question about her ability to recognize and respond to sounds, bring her to her health care provider right away. Most newborns are screened for hearing loss these days while still in the hospital, and those results on your daughter should be available and reassuring. However, it's possible that the test may not have been done on your daughter, or that the results were lost, or that your daughter's hearing loss was missed. A repeat test may be needed if there are any questions about the original test results or if there is any question now about your daughter's hearing. Get this checked out right away. A child with even a slight hearing loss gets the best results if treatment is begun early, prior to 6 months of age.  

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