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Indoor Sandbox

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Location: Indoor
Promotes: Fun & Games
How to play

How it Plays

Half-fill a shallow container (see suggestions below) with dry, fine-textured, sterilized sand. (You can use another material, like birdseed, but the advantage of sand is that it can be mixed with water.) Put the sandbox on a low table, or spread out a beach towel and place it directly on the floor. Arrange a few sand toys nearby. Then let your imaginations loose! Dig a hole, bulldoze a road, fill a dump truck, make a mountain, bury a treasure or some dinosaur bones for your child to find, dig a river for his boats, create an island, or mold a sand castle for him to squish!

What You'll Need

  •   Shallow container, such as a dishpan, unused kitty litter tray, plastic storage box, or cement-mixing trough
  •   Sterilized sand from a nursery or garden supply store
  •   Sand toys: spoons, cups, sieve, shovel, funnel
  •   Props for pretend play: rocks, shells, sticks, small rubber or plastic animals and people, small plastic vehicles
  •   Dustpan and brush for cleanup

  • Learning and Growing

    Children are naturally drawn to sand and to exploring its unique, open-ended properties. Playing with sand helps promote manual dexterity as children use their hands to scoop, sift, pour, and mold. An indoor sandbox also sets the stage for pretend play with the addition of props and accessories like toy animals, people, and vehicles.

    Learning and Growing
    What you'll need

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