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Is a year-old car seat safe for a newborn?

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Is a year-old car seat safe for a newborn?


Great questions, as the gear we use for children is so vital to their safety, and changes in recommendations come quickly. A one-year-old car seat may be fine for your newborn, but there are a few things you need to find out. First, has this car seat been recalled? Find the model number on the car seat and check it against the recalled models on this site. If the seat has no model number to check, I wouldn't be confident that it is safe. Was it in a car accident or does it have visible cracks in the shell or frayed straps? If so, that ol' thing needs to be put out to pasture, not in your car.

Newborns need to be in a car seat designed for their weight and age. If the seat you have is a convertible model, change it back to the newborn configuration and see if everything can be adjusted according the manufacturer's specifications. Finally, install the seat or have it installed according to the manufacturer's directions in your car to see if it works in the middle of the car's backseat, the best position for an infant. See our car seat site article for more information.

The used crib, to be safe, must not have been made before 1985. Its slats should be less than 2 3/8 inch apart, and it should have no headboard cutouts. The mattress should fit tightly in the frame and the bedding should also fit very tightly on that mattress. Don't be tempted to wrap the mattress in any loose plastic and beware of any rips in the mattress. See this site article for more about safe cribs.


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