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Is baby powder safe to use on a 5-week-old?

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How and where is baby powder used, and should I use it on my 5-week-old? I read somewhere that it isn't a good idea to use it on infants.


Parents relish the delightful smell of their new baby. And for many, part of this experience is the delightful scent associated with baby powder. But this seemingly innocuous product may not provide much more than a good smell, and at times can even be dangerous. Powder that is over-applied or that gets near a baby's mouth can actually be breathed in and deposit in the lungs, causing lung damage and breathing difficulty. If baby powder is going to be used in the diaper area, it should be used very sparingly, as it may become paste-like with moisture and this can contribute to further irritation.

If you decide to use babypowder on your little one, remember to first place a small amount in your hand (never shake it directly from the bottle onto your baby) and then rub it on the skin, with care to avoid the face or folds in the skin.



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