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Is it dangerous to have two lobes of placenta on either side of my cervix?

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I am 22 weeks pregnant. I was diagnosed with a complete placenta previa at an earlier ultrasound. A recent one showed I have two lobes of placenta on either side of my cervix. I don't understand what this means -- is this more dangerous then having a complete placenta previa?


You have probably learned from your physician that placenta previa is when the placenta implants in the lower part of the uterus rather than in the usual position in the upper portion. It's called a "complete" previa when the placenta implants right over the opening of the cervix. (A partial previa occurs when only part of the cervix is covered; a low-lying placenta is when the placenta is in the lower uterus but not over the cervix.) The placenta is made up of several lobes or sections. You can see these if you look at your placenta after birth. The fact that there are two lobes on either side of your cervix just confirms your original ultrasound diagnosis -- that your previa is complete and centered over your cervix with equal portions on either side. It's good that this was diagnosed early in your pregnancy because your physician can now watch your progress closely. As you near your due date, you will be scheduled for a cesarean delivery, so your cervix will have no chance to dilate, causing bleeding from the placenta. By following your care provider's suggestions for the remainder of your pregnancy, you will have a good birth experience and your baby will do well.



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